Friday, April 8, 2011

...:::Savouring the taste:::... Kiba lemon oneshot

Name: Naomi
Age: 17
Personality: hyper at times, honest, sweet, Loyal, nice, stubborn, and caring, tease (unknowingly)
Family: KIA,
Ninja: yes
Friends: Everyone, mainly naruto, shikamaru, kiba has been your friend since you were 6

I walked through the town with the guys. “kiba you pinhead, stop she’s not interested in you” I spoke slipping my hands in my pockets. “ Shut up Naomi” he said hitting my head, “ ow, kiba that hurt.” I said sniffling and holding my head. “ are you okay Naomi,” naruto asked coming over to me. “yeah, don’t worry about me, my best friend just likes to abuse me. I said looking at him, he shot me a look and I smiled. After a few more hours kiba and I decided to leave, on the way back I jumped on his back, he put his hands under my legs holding me up.

“ you know, sometimes you’re a pain” he said as we walked. “ maybe but you still love me” I said smiling. “ yeah that’s it” he said

♥ 2 days later♥
“Kiba stop staring at me like that, what the hell is the matter with you” I asked furrowing my brows at him, “nothing” he said turning his gaze from me as I sucked on my Popsicle. “Can you just eat it please” he said glancing at me. “nope, I’m savoring the taste” I said sliding my tongue up the side then slipping it into my mouth. I heard him make a low growl at me; I took it out looking at him. “I don’t see what your problem is, you’ve been acting weird lately kiba” I said giving him a confused look. He turned from me, I slipped the pop back in my mouth sucking on it once more. He cleared his throat and I eyed him, my eyes stopped after seeing what was happening in his lap. The pop dropped from my mouth and out of my hands. “Kiba!” I said with wide eyes “ what?” he asked before following my gaze and realizing that I had noticed. I got up and started pacing, “ oh, my god, kiba” I kept saying to myself as I paced my back porch. I suddenly felt him pin me to the wall, “calm down Naomi” he spoke his face inches from mine, one hand on each side of my head. “ j-just help me” I looked at him like he was some crazy.

“ you must have lost your mind along with your self-control” I said looking at him shocked. “ please Naomi” he begged against my lips, I took a deep breath. “ fine” I said my hands shakily resting on the outside of his pants, I unbuttoned them and unzipped them letting them fall to his feet along with his boxers, I gasped slightly at the sight of what was beneath his boxers. I got on my knees taking him in my mouth, I think he was slightly shocked that I could fit him fully in my mouth, I felt him starting to move his hips slightly and I sucked harder and faster, “ oh…god…naomi” he groaned tangling his fingers in my hair still being supported by one hand. My teeth grazed him as I started pulling away, I heard him growl at him and I smirked stopping at the tip, pressing my tongue and sucking on it, like I did my popsicle. While my mouth surrounded the tip of him my hands covered what my mouth wasn’t, I could hear him panting and groaning, It didn’t take long for him to come in my mouth, I swallowed also making sure to lick him clean.

“ jesus naomi” he said almost out of breath I felt his hand start to caress my sides, his mouth moved to my neck kissing every spot and stopped hearing me moan, I bit my lip as he looked at me and felt a blush run to my cheeks, he smirked this time running his tongue over the spot my hands clutched to his shirt, I whimpered as he did it again and ran his hands up my shirt and pulled it off leaving me in a bra and shorts. “ h-hey, kiba stop I…have neighbors” he looked at me and chuckled. “ so what, peeping toms shouldn’t be looking at my girlfriend anyways” he said kissing my lips and un hooked my bra letting it fall from my body he pulled away staring at my chest that was heaving up and down. I opened my door leading us inside and taking his shirt off in the process, he pulled me towards his body pressing his against mine firmly.

“ I love you naomi” he whispered in my ear sucking on my earlobe. I bit my lip as he did this and massaged my breast as well. “ mmm, k-kiba” I stuttered on his name as I moaned. “hn. Thats right keep sayin it” he said lifting me up and walking me towards the couch and laid me down on my back, he pulled off my shorts and underwear. I could feel his member against my wet area, his tip rubbing my entrance. He looked at me with love in his eyes, I kissed his lips and pulled away for a moment leaving our lips lightly touching, “ I love you” I said kissing him again, our tongues fighting for dominance as he pushed inside me, I pulled away opening my mouth to scream, he moved his hand to my mouth. “ naomi, don't. I know it hurts...i'm sorry” he said with deep breaths. I moved his hand from my mouth, “ just move please” I begged. He didn't listen to me but nuzzled his head into my neck. “ kiba” I groaned out begging him to move, I felt him kissing my neck and he started moving into me hard and fast. I moaned and he moved his lips to my nipple, kissing and gliding his tongue over it. I wrapped my legs around his waist. “ oh, god.” I heard him groan while I raked my nails along his back. I bit my lip, my head tilted back and back arched. He pulled from my breast and back to my ear, “ say it naomi.” he said still going hard an fast into me, while grabbing onto my hips. “ hn, you wish” I said panting with a smirk. I suddenly felt him going faster and I couldn't keep pace with him anymore, his tongue dragged across my soft spot and to my chest again.

“ kiba!” I screamed his name as he started sucking on my neck and rubbing my body all over. “ yes!. Oh god...Kiba” I screamed reaching my climax. “ mmm, naomi!” he yelled my name reaching his climax as well. He laid beside me holding my body close to his, he kissed my cheek,nose,forehead, and lips. “ I love you naomi” he said smiling at me. “ I love you too.” I said smiling as well “ um, since when am I your girlfriend” I said remembering what he said earlier and smiling at him. He blushed clearing his throat “ umm will you go out with me?” “ yes” I said giggling and kissed his lips. I pulled from him and fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

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